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Activity Pictures from Myanmar Thanakha Festival in Yangon

Being the cultural symbol of Myanmar, Thanakha holds a place in every Myanmar people's heart, either from culture or value point of view. Decorated with traditional puppets, rare cultural face masks, and famous colorful Pathein umbrellas, last week's Thanakha Festival (from 12–17 February 2019) was fantastic, simply because the event reminded us what Thanakha is to Myanmar people and what value it still holds even in the modern days.Many Thanakha product companies were participating in the festival and gave a free service of drawing patterns — leaf shape, circles, fan shape — on visitors' cheeks. In addition to the modified Thanakha product or cosmetic brands, the Thanakha block sellers from remote cities also joined the event. Plus, many food shops were also there selling many ethnic and local foods.Here are some of the memorable festival pictures, of course, most are our main character — Thanakha blocks.

The Very First Myanmar Thanakha Festival in Yangon​

When you are in Myanmar, you will notice the yellowish paste found painted on the faces of Burmese women and children, called Thanakha, everywhere. Thanakha paste is made by grinding the bark and roots of Thanakha trees, and mixing it with water on a stone slab called a Kyauk-Pyin. This paste is applied in stripes, circular patches, or ornate leaf patterns on the cheeks, noses, and forehead leaving yellow trails. Its sandalwood scent is another reason for its attractiveness. Myanmar people wear it on face, neck, hands and legs as a natural and efficient sunscreen against the hot tropical sun.​

China's Belt and Road Initiative: How will it impact Myanmar and transform trade in Asia?​

In September 2013 at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan, Chinese president Xi Jin Ping announced that China would fund a New Silk Road Economic Belt across Eurasia to connect China with Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia. Chinese officials subsequently revealed ambitious plans to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in new infrastructure investments and upgrades including highways, pipelines, railroads, and power grids, along with related port and logistics upgrades in maritime partner countries.

Rediscover the History of Myanmar in The Secretariat​

The Secretariat is a national icon that represents the story of Myanmar in the making. Currently undergoing the most ambitious restoration in history, The Secretariat is set to become the architectural marvel where culture, commercial, and education intersect. It is a dedicated space where people and communities of Myanmar can convene at the heart of Yangon.

Japan Myanmar Pwe Taw 2019

Japan-Myanmar Pwe Taw or Japan-Myanmar Festival was first started as a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Myanmar in 2014. Since then, the festival becomes a yearly event between the Japanese and Myanmar people to get to know each other’s culture.​

Invest Myanmar Summit 2019: Opportunity to Discover the Business Potential of Myanmar​

Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 was held at Myanmar International Convention Centre 2 in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar from 28th-29th January 2019. This two-day event was organized by the UMFCCI which is a national level non-governmental organisation representing and safeguarding the interests of the private business sector.

Where Do Key Investment Opportunities Lie in Myanmar?

For those who are seeking business opportunities in Myanmar, following sectors are highlighted to accelerate the country's sustainable economic growth.


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