Thanakha Set


This whole set is all you need to do makeup in old days. A stone slab, a Thanakha block, a mirror, clean water, and a soft brush.

A good way to reminisce culture.


When you wear Thanakha, making different patterns on your cheeks is fun and interesting. You can make any design -- circle, leaf shape, rabbit, fan shape -- anything you desire.

Activity Pictures from Myanmar Thanakha Festival in Yangon

Being the cultural symbol of Myanmar, Thanakha holds a place in every Myanmar people's heart, either from culture or value point of view. Decorated with traditional puppets, rare cultural face masks, and famous colorful Pathein umbrellas, last week's Thanakha Festival (from 12–17 February 2019) was fantastic, simply because the event reminded us what Thanakha is to Myanmar people and what value it still holds even in the modern days.

Many Thanakha product companies were participating in the festival and gave a free service of drawing patterns — leaf shape, circles, fan shape — on visitors' cheeks. In addition to the modified Thanakha product or cosmetic brands, the Thanakha block sellers from remote cities also joined the event. Plus, many food shops were also there selling many ethnic and local foods.

Here are some of the memorable festival pictures, of course, most are our main character — Thanakha blocks.

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